And so it begins…

And so it begins…

After months of planning and applying, selling and buying, map peering and blog reading, needle sticking and pill popping, we are taking the final steps necessary to seal the deal on our world travels.  The mighty “volv” has been stuffed and strapped and filled to capacity with our remaining household items that haven’t been sold or pawned off to friends.  Tonight we begin the mind-numbing trek across the better part of the lower 48 to lay the Volv to rest at her final resting place (at least for a year or two): the parents garage in good ole’ MD.
The last minute decision was made to forgo the use of a storage unit; thus resulting in the creation of a number of hastily-made (and ridiculous) Craigslist ads and the satisfaction of knowing all of your worldly possesions are contained within the confines of a Swedish-made compact vehicle.
We felt that the benefits of maintaining the ability to choose freely when to return to Boulder, or how long to extend our soul trippin’, far out weighted those associated with paying an additional $1000 over the course of a year to keep our amazing, but replaceable, couches in storage.  Alright, the truth is the couches will be put to good use at a friends house, but who knows what they’ll do to them, so consider them good as gone.
So, after we have spent the next 3 days transporting ourselves across the nation, and the following 5 hangin’ with the fam while repeating the list of countries we plan on visiting at least 27 times, we will make our way back to B-town where we can spend our remaining days pondering the awesomeness of the trip we are about to take.

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