The day has come!

Wow.  That was a long week.

If you ever plan to quit your job, move out of your house, and travel the world for 9 months, please take this free bit of advice:

Quit early and give yourself some damn time!

Earlier last week I made a long, but somewhat enjoyable, list of “to-do” items I wanted to take care of before we left for this trip.  No where on my laundry list of tasks, however, did I properly account for the ridiculous amount of time we would need to allocate to sorting, trashing, donating, and packing the contents of our house (as tiny as it is)! If Good Will had a frequent-flyer donator card, we would have received a free knee board by now: I think we have visited three separate Good Will donations centers seven times in the past 48 hours.

In between our runs to Good Will, changing our mailing address, activating bank cards, transferring money, and ghetto-FedExing (i.e. shipping via Greyhound bus lines) our remaining packages home, we are of course attempting to see all our friends before we set off on our journey.

Today, all that there was left was to clean up the house, pack our bags, and tend to my to-do list (in other words, right this post and get the blog running).  Hooray!!

But on a more serious note: we are both super excited and grateful for this opportunity.  We appreciate everyone who has helped us during this process and can’t wait to start sharing the crazy journey!

Anna and John Luggage 1John’s Stuff

Anna and John Luggage 2Anna’s Stuff


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