The Blue Lagoon

sunrise photo at BOP

We woke up to yet another gorgeous sunrise.  So gorgeous that it got us up at 6:30 in the morning to take photos and lounge on the hilltop.  We stayed up this time, excited for the day ahead.  We filled up on another version of coconut pancakes (more like a crepe this time) topped with butter and raspberry jam and then set off on a two person sea kayak to the island where the move, The Blue Lagoon was filmed.  We stopped in the village where Jerry grew up on Matacawalevu island to make sure were were going the right way.  After a few “Bulas” (“Hello” in Fijian), some hand gestures, and saying “The Blue Lagoon”, we were able to receive confirmation from the villagers that we were on the right track.

anna on sea kayak

We paddled up to this amazing white sandy beach with gorgeous turquoise water and set up a picnic on the beach.  Rosa sent us with a delicious to-go lunch of homemade naan and curry.  We found out that Fijians make and eat a good deal of Indian food because Fiji has quite a large Indian population.  Many Indians were brought over in the late 1800s and early 1900s by British rulers to work in the sugar cane plantations.  So long story short, the Indian food was great!  And the view, even better.

blue lagoona picnic setup

blue lagoona curry

We headed out in our kayaks again toward a nearby resort to get some water and a beer.  On the way, we saw a sign telling us that we aren’t permitted on the beach when a boat is docked.  Sincerely, Blue Lagoon Cruises.  Oops, too late for that.  A boat was docked and we had our picnic in a restricted area!  The Fijian workers saw us but they are so nice that they never said a word or even gave us a second glance.  How refreshing!

bendy palm tree at blue lagoon small

We pulled up to Nanuya Island Resort where the workers were shocked we had come all the way from the Bay of Plenty via kayak.  We ordered a Fiji Bitter Beer and enjoyed it on the beach.  At first taste, we really liked it.  By the end, we decided one was plenty.  Such spoiled Colorado beer drinkers…

fiji bitters

A resort staff member happened to be Rosie’s “boyfriend,” so we talked with some of the workers for a bit and were allowed to use the lounge chairs on the beach for free.  Score!  We ordered a bula punch (vodka, gin, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine) and played “Who else would we be able to travel for 9 months with?”  Sorry, we won’t be able to share the results of the game.

Kayak to Blue Lagoon

After a nice relaxing hour or so, just chatting and drinking, which we rarely have had time to do lately, just the two of us, we decided to try our luck at snorkeling.  At first we thought it would be a bust but then we moved closer to the “do not enter zone” near the small cruise ship and saw a really awesome blue starfish and an assortment of other colorful fish.  We started following some that resembled a clown fish and they would swim right into the camera and come up and nibble at our hands.  We also saw some really pretty coral.  Overall, it was a great first snorkeling experience in Fiji!

blue starfish

clown fish

It was getting late, so we had an exhausting kayak back against a strong current and some wind.  We immediately fell asleep and were woken up hours later by the dinner drum.  We were treated to some eggplant with fresh tuna and then retired to our new little home for a good night sleep.


4 thoughts on “The Blue Lagoon

  1. Well, I know I wouldn’t be allowed along because I wouldn’t let Anna relax enough. Glad to hear your guys are doing so awesome! Pictures look fantastic.

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