Goodbye to Our Second Home

We spent our last day at the Blue Lagoon because the cruise boat was no longer docked.  We were free to roam about!  This time our trip to the island was courtesy of Jerry’s boat, rather than a strenuous kayak.  After getting caught in a heavy rainstorm, the weather changed back to beautiful and we hopped in the ocean for some really amazing snorkeling.  We started swimming and were immediately followed by a large school of stripped fish, right along the shore.  The locals told us they call these fish “the cops” because they act like they are patrolling the beaches.  We ditched the cops and swam further out to see some starfish and even further out to an area where we felt like we were in an aquarium.

Goodbye to our second home 4

Goodbye to our second home 3

Goodbye to our second home

Goodbye to our second home 2

Goodbye to our second home 1

While we were at the beach, Jerry was out fishing for our dinner.  He got caught up and was a little later than we expected, so we started chatting with two local Fijians, George and Remi.  Remi saw our ukeleles and picked one up and started playing for us.  He was really talented.  He taught John yet another strum and we had a really enjoyable time until Jerry pulled up to shore.  We said our sota tales (“See you again!”) to these two really genuine men and headed back to the bay for our final meal.

Goodbye to our second home (1)

Goodbye to our second home (2)

Of course, it was another delicious one!  Fresh fish, cassava, veggies, and rice.  Rosa noticed that we didn’t finish the rum we brought (we were hoping she would forget 🙂 ) and told us it was our last night so we should finish it.  She suggested that we mix green coconut juice with the rum. We agreed to give it a try and Jerry opened four coconuts for us and poured them into a pitcher.  We mixed the rum with the coconut juice and shared it with everyone.  We finally realized why people like Bounty rum.  If you use green coconut, it tastes amazing!  Jerry built a large bonfire on the beach and we sat by the fire while we gazed at the full moon shining on the ocean and sipped on our coconut rum.  Perfection!

Goodbye to our second home 7

Our final morning was filled with packing up and saying goodbye.  Our friends in Colorado gave us a large Colorado flag with their signatures on it and we brought it with us to have people sign around the world.  The family signed our flag and we wrote a note in a book for them.  They told us to always remember this as our second home and to come back and visit whenever we can.

Goodbye to our second home 8

Goodbye to our second home 9


Goodbye to our second home 10


Goodbye to our second home 5


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