Iceland Road Trip Planning


We are about to go to Iceland for 8/9 days and are knee-deep in planning.  I thought I would throw some notes up here to help out anyone who might be dealing with the same questions/issues:


Offline Map Navigation:

  • If you are going to make your own offline google map to use in your rental car / campervan, make sure you lay it out in “My Maps.”
    • You can then export this map as  .KML / .KMZ file.
    • Email the .KMZ file to yourself.
  • Download MAPS.ME app.
    • Download the offline map data for the country you are going to (i.e. Iceland).
  • Open the .KMZ file in your email (on your phone) and chose the option to import to MAPS.ME.
  • BOOM! You are good to go.
    • Check out this blog entry for more info on this (super helpful – i.e. how to download a .KML from google maps).


  • To use the GPS properly, just go into your settings and turn off your cellular data (i.e. don’t turn on airplane mode).

Sweet maps people already made:


Snapshot of MAPS.ME with the Happy Campers campsite .KML loaded.

Other Itineraries and Way-points:


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